The Zeal of Love

Sometimes you feel like you need to connect with a person on an intimate level. To let go and allow yourself to feel the satisfying feeling brought about by sex, to rest in your lover’s arms after an electrifying sexual encounter. To achieve multi orgasms that leave your knees shaky and your appetite enormous .achieving, this may prove to be an uphill task if you are not careful in your choice of a lover. There things you need to steer clear away from if you are looking for ultimate satisfaction.

1. Sex is a vigorous exercise that requires a lot of energy. Avoid foods that are likely to shortchange in your performance. Certain foods may lower your testosterone levels hence leaving you to explain why you are suddenly very poor in matters lovemaking. Avoid coffee, fruits, and alcohol that may cause bloating that may hinder your performance.

2. Learn to arouse your partner sexually without having to use lotions as lubricants. Show your prowess in bed by being able to stimulate your partner sexually. Oils may have chemicals that may be harmful to your partner and infections are the last thing you want

3. Let Kamasutra styles remain in Pornhub and not make your partner an acrobat who you twist and turn at will. This could prove to be uncomfortable, and you don’t want to end up with broken limbs. You are not looking to start a world war three; you are making love and not war.

4. As much as you don’t want to be that annoying partner that practices the so boring missionary style, refrain from going down on your partner, especially if you are not sure of their medical history. You might have throat sores that may cause serious infections. It’s a thrilling affair meant to satisfy you, no trouble.

5. Ensure that your partner is physically is unethical to engage in sex with a sick partner. You don’t want to appear selfish and uncaring. Sex is for enjoyment.

6. Avoid reusing condoms when engaging in this noble act. Also, use one condom at a time does not fall into the myths that the more condoms you wear, the safer you are. Also, be gentle, rough sex may tear the condom exposing you to other risks like diseases.

7. When climaxing it’s unfair to bite off your partner and scratching them unnecessarily, yes the sex is intense, but self-control is also vital at this juncture. You might come off as a violent lover, especially when your partner has not reached orgasm yet. Be wild, but soft ensure your partner shares the same feeling as you before you bite off their earlobes.

8. Lastly, avoid having sex with a partner who’s not in the mood. Get consent first to prevent future court cases of you getting sued for sexual harassment that will depict you as a social misfit who everyone should be wary of his brutal ways. Exercise caution at all times and understand that no means no. When all this is considered, lovemaking becomes a beautiful affair.

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